How did you learn about (insert tech here)?

I see this question posted a great deal on social media. The answers are often as different as the folks asking/ answering the question. Many times it depends upon the context and the subject of the request as well.

This has prompted me to provide my own answer to the everlasting question…maybe even some unsolicited advice…

When I began my journey more than two decades ago, there were none of these “social media” outlets available to bring us together to share information. Instead, we had to use search engines like webcrawler, ask, and others to hopefully find some white paper or bulletin board where someone posted an FAQ or statement about what we were trying to get done. If that was unsuccessful, it was off to the local library or bookstore to find a manual about it. Basically, it was just a step above stone tablets, messages in a bottle, smoke signals, and carrier pigeons. Not unlike our very own search for the grail.

Charging Unto

Today, everything is virtually at our fingertips. Information can be obtained by simply typing in a keyword or two about anything our minds and hearts desire…sometimes we get too much, or even completely unrelated (horrifying) information we never wanted in the first place.


My point is that if we need information or examples of how to perform some function of our jobs, there is a plethora of available things to find. All we need do is look. Over the course of my career, I’ve looked, found, and even contributed to that information (as have many of you out there).

There are three lessons here:

  1. There are no stupid questions; unless they remain unasked, and you need the information.
  2. Never be afraid to ask questions. We all had to begin somewhere.
  3. When you know the answer, share it. This moves us all forward.

This brings us to the list of sites that I personally look at when I need answers. This list may not be complete, the sites may not be the foremost authority, but they do usually point me in the right direction at the very least. Your list of “go to” sites may be similar, or completely different.

Whatever list we go through should always be updated, added to, and/ or trimmed so that the information we find is as current and up to date as we can get.

My List (at least the start of it):

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